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I finally replaced my camera that went missing.  I ended up buying a Lumix LX3.  One of the more outstanding features of this camera is the 24mm f2 lens.

During my research for a new camera I got interested in VR technologies.  There are only a few things needed to make these 360 x 180 interactive movies.  First is a good tripod with a special mount that places the ideal pivot point of the camera lens at the center of rotation. This eliminates any parallax that would be observed as objects in the foreground moving in relation to those in the back.

This is the mount I made for about $10.

You also need a program that will stitch the multiple photos together.  There are many; I use PTgui on my Mac.

Using the 24mm (35mm equivelent) lens it takes about 24 photos to cover the complete 360×180 panorama including the zenith and the nadir.   I have also been doing multiple shot exposure bracketing that later get merged to the final panorama in HDR style.  This brings the total picture count close to 80 for a single panorama.

Because these panoramas take so many photos, there is plenty of room for error like pieces missing or double images of people, cars or boats that have moved since you last shot.   More often than not photoshop is used to correct, repair or fabricate portions of the panorama.

Please enjoy these photos in fullscreen mode and take some time to zoom into the nooks and crannies. To view click on the linked panorama title.  Movie will open in another window with your Quicktime player.  Click and drag to navigate. “shift” to zoom in “option” zoom out.

in-the-yard I love the boat yard and the Berkeley Marine Center is my home turf.


lake-circle1 Lake Merit is a great local walk for me. Sunset here brings out Oakland’s diversity.


marina-entrance At this spot you really get a feel for the expanse of the bay.


dc-cockpit Trying to make a quicktime vr from the cockpit of a sailboat on the water is bound to yield questionable results.  Still I find this shot pretty interesting despite the problems.


whitney I find artists work spaces fascinating.  This potters studio is the first in a work space series.


bud-farm1bws1 Indoor marijuana cultivation is growing like crazy.  I was pleased to get the opportunity to  photograph this urban grow space.



2 Responses to “360 x 180 my reality virtual”

  1. Jeffrey DeGrenierNo Gravatar on February 12th, 2010 12:14 pm

    These are great shots Frank!

  2. Annamarie GrecoNo Gravatar on January 4th, 2011 9:36 am

    As always your creative talents inspire me.
    I wish that one day we may collaborate even if it is from coast to coast.

    Blessed Be
    Annemarie Greco

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