Another Bio

With the mind of an engineer, hands of a craftsman and heart of an artist, Frank Truncale has always strived to find balance in expressing his talents. Son of a rocket scientist, Frank grew up to understand the world in terms of complex mechanics. His cluttered room was always dominated by some sort of project that included electric motors, batteries and the smell of ozone. By his teens he was adept at all sorts of repairs including auto mechanics, which helped fund his interest in music and art. By the time Frank graduated from high school he had perused formal education in painting, drawing, acting, guitar and banjo. At age seventeen Frank became fully self-supporting. The next three years laid the foundation for his interest in spiritual growth with adventures that took him from New England to Texas, from Scotland to Sicily and back to New England. There he attended classes at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston as well as Massachusetts College of Arts. While studying the historical and conceptual aspects of fine art, Frank developed his skills at painting and drawing, welding, metal working, ceramics and electronic music. He applied these skills to sculpture, jewelry, animation and collaborative performances / multi-media presentations. At the same time he supported himself as a carpenter utilizing many of these skills. While studying electronic music, Frank discovered a passion for audio engineering and by 1984 built his first multi-track recording studio, The Hypersonic Playroom and started doing sound design for performance and video.

Through out the years Frank has maintained a commitment to passionately utilizing his combination of talents in innovative and artistic ways to support a greater community.