“Buddha Mind” and other poetry

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Buddha Mind

Incredibly expanding, peaceful loving Buddha mind.
No boundaries.
Unattainable yet ever-present.
Do I strive or peel away?
Do I grab or just hold my hand so close and open?
Settling surely like a speck of dust.
I can taste the sourness of my own disappointments melt into a sweet life sustaining calm.
I am held in the lap of my own love.
Incredibly expanding,
Buddha mind.


You are like death, and the origin of the universe.
You are like what is going to happen tomorrow or why I did that stupid thing yesterday.
You are like a UFO and the reason for the great Pyramids.
You are a mystery,
a great wonder,
creating thousands of questions
that will never be answered
or can only unfold with eternity.

I can smell the musk
of the tortured animal mind
that thinks it can
that foolishly strives
to solve the puzzle
that he has created for himself.

I and my wise old friend
look out onto the stars
in awe of the great mystery
enjoying it’s beauty
as one
into the next.


Oh ancient friend,
dependable lover.
With my hands on you
I feel the form of the beloved.
Your scent curiously sweet.
Your dance so fine and quick
that the reverberation does fill the room
a hall
the universe.
The limits of space and time do not confine
your true potential.
You sooth the eternal.
Your comfort extends beyond the realm of the senses.
Color shape and form surrender to pure emotion.

How is it you fit so perfectly in my arms?
Never bringing up the last time,
or the next time..
…here only now
You mirror my every thought,
and movement
with the truest song.
Your gentle fragrance
speaks of the love that made you.
You are sun earth water and trees.
we touch the divine


When I hear those sounds
I see her dancing
the Himalayas in the background
the Ganges at her feet
spinning out blessings
my breath is one with hers
I can smell all of creation
oozing from willing pores
perpetually, silently, ecstatic
in those sounds.


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  1. FrankNo Gravatar on April 4th, 2010 11:48 pm

    beautiful words, beautiful rose! Thanks for sharing. sid

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