Car & Pedestrian Gate

October 1, 2008 · Print This Article

This solidly built redwood gate and fence have architectural details inspired by the embellishments on the house.  Some of the elements that influenced the design include the diamond motif from the windows, triangular dental work and large overhangs .

The gates were constructed from 3 inch redwood stock and incorporate mortice and tenon construction for reliability and longevity.

All post are bolted to galvanized steel brackets set in steel reinforced concrete piers. Pressure treated boards set into notches in the concrete piers function to retain minor differences in grade as the landscaping is maintained. The pressure treated lumber never touches the redwood.  Using this system, the redwood is completely isolated from the soil preventing rot. In the event that a post needs to be adjusted for plum, or replaced, it can be done easily due to this effective system.


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