Songs from Frank E T

June 6, 2011

Songs from Frank E screen shot 5 5 11

Songs from Frank E screen shot 5 5 11

I have started writing songs.  It is a really magical sort of thing.  It was  hard at first to just relax about it.  I would be so uptight about what I was saying, how it would be taken or understood that I couldn’t commit to a first line.    Now I just have the attitude that they are what they are and that I should just keep writing and toss them over my shoulder like in figure drawing .   That said,  they take all the force of creation, and all the craft I can muster. some are very personal.  They end up being these revealing little gifts.  I have no idea were this stuff comes from and if think I do, in the end I realize I was wrong all along.  I have written about 12 songs in 12 months.  They come in waves. I’m not sure what to do with them They are all singer songwriter type stuff.  Me and my acoustic guitar. Mostly I enjoy playing them live for people, intimate settings. I’ve done some open mic nights which have been transformative but most of the time such.  Drunk people in a bar; hard crowd.   I have been recording, and want to put them on a CD shortly,  but recording and how to produce them opens another can of worms.   I don’t have many people to help me sort things out artistically.   ..Maybe you have some Ideas?

Solstice Returning by Frank E T

Lyric can be found at my soundcloud site.

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