Dali Lama Renaissance

October 8, 2008 · Print This Article

On this award winning feature length film produced by Wakan Films I was responsible for all field recordings including interviews, live performances and the conference.  To ensure good recordings from the conference I mixed the live sound and sent feeds to multiple cameras as well as a live web stream for New Dimensions Radio.   Pristine audio was delivered regardless of the power outages that were a daily occurrence.

This was a project that I found both professionally and personally fulfilling.   Shot on location in Daramsala India, it was a grueling trek just to get to the location. Once there, all the logistical problems of the third world required careful planning and extreme flexibility.  I thrive with just such challenges.  

Working with a director and crew that were so committed to making a positive impact with their work also gave this job a feeling of higher purpose.  Meeting the Dali Lama in India, with the back drop of the Himalayas, was a profoundly transformative experience.


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    Looks good, sounds great!

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