Hypersonic Productions

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In 1982 the first incarnation of Hypersonic was born as the Hypersonic Play Room. A multi track recording studio, fueled by the Boston art and music scene, explored the nature of psycho acoustics and strived to understand the conection between sonics and varied states of consciousness. A range of recordings were produced during this period. Many of these recording were created for multimedia performances. Live Production services were also on offer.

In the late nineties now on the west coast, Hypersonic Productions started producing socially conscious and spiritually up lifting video. In the early years of the new millennium Hypersonic took residence at the Oakland Box Theater where it integrated a 32 track recording studio and multi camera video production to showcase the work of community building artists.

Hypersonic also produced a number of field recordings of street and temple music from India and Bali.

In 2004 Hypersonic started it’s evolution to Metasonic. Look for more media about personal transformation, social responsibility and conscious decision making.


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