Images from the Hypersonic Playroom

December 11, 2008 · Print This Article

“Alston St.” Oil on canvas board, Frank E T 5’5’84   

Magnetic Paint

Here are some works from back in the eighties.  Most of these recordings were made on The TEAC 3340s and various cassette decks. These songs were cassette release only. During this time a digital audio work station was science fiction but digital delay lines were just becoming affordable.  All splices were done by hand and all mixing was done live and live at the bounce.  Arp and Mooge analogue synthesizers were used in the sound pallet. 


Is a multi track over dub bounce fest performed solo by Frank E T.  It also features found sounds and reel to reel “scratching”.   


Careful overdubbed sound scape in sacred space. Anne Marie Greco, Dwayne Larson, and Frank E T.  Found sounds used as noise floor.


Sequenced synth by FranK E T and Andy Baraf at Museum School Sound Lab.


Andy Baraf, Jeff Green, Kevin Mon and Frank E T, have some doggy wars in the Hypersonic Playroom and romp to the Lexicons looping capabilities.


I’m not sure if the people who walked into the playroom were the folks that were actually playing, again in sacred space.


Dwayne’s flute work sounds are anything but arduous on this heavy carefully layered sound scape.


Jeff Green on mic, Andy Baraf on synth, Kevin on bass and Frank E T on guitar on this live recording


Andy and I work the analog synthies and let them fade into Sweet Total Decay.



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  1. Annemarie GrecoNo Gravatar on March 5th, 2012 11:31 am

    I only wish I could go to the playroom again – miss my art family
    along with all the beauty and wonder.

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