Sweet Little Deck

September 29, 2008 · Print This Article

This small but beautiful deck provides a great opportunity to showcase some of the finer details that I like to incorporate into my projects.  In this photo you can see a detail of the brazed copper hand rail.


The before and after tell the story of what a difference to life style a project like this can make.

The use of some angles give the deck more of a flow through the back yard and softens the edges. The re-use of some of the existing materials is not only eco friendly and relieves costs, but again helps to integrate the project into the site. 


 Once you introduce an angle to the project it seems to affect every corner as pictured in this step detail. Morticed rail not only adds strength and precision in building, but also a craftsman like look.  The milled edges are an added touch that adds a lot of bang for your buck. By using a horizontal hand rail, in this case copper, one reduces the length of the balusters, giving a stout beefier look to the railing while still meeting the height requirement for code.


The painted material pictured here, was salvaged from the old fence . The owner loved the idea of reuse and enjoys the funky look as well as the privacy it provides.  

There is always more work when you’ve got a satisfied customer.


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  1. Sue HutchinsonNo Gravatar on September 29th, 2008 10:25 pm

    This is my deck! I love it, it totally changed the feel of our backyard. Frank is an exquisite craftsman, he does quality work and he is also very efficient with his time. I’ve had him do a number of projects around my house and would recommend him to anyone looking for exceptional work. He is also very conscious about using recycled material, which I also like.

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