Sailing W/ Maltese Falcon

Yesterday Sid and I took advantage of a perfect September day to sail the Del Corazon from Berkeley to Angel Island. It was also the first day Tom Perkin’s innovative sailing yacht, the Maltese Falcon, sailed into the San Francisco Bay.  At first glimpse at about 2.5 ktm off, the Maltese Falcon looked like some historic square rigged clipper-ship.  As it got closer the rig seemed to morph into an elegant looking junk.  As it got even closer I realized this was something from the future, some space-aged high tech wind powered time machine fit for the likes of New Jack Rasputin.  At 288ft, a sailboat with the longest waterline in existence today, it has a steel hull and three carbon fiber masts that are un-stayed/free standing.  It is computor controlled, and can be sailed by one person.   I’ve seen some photos of the inside and it is like a cross between the star-ship Enterprise and a museum of modern art.

I managed to get a shot of the Maltese Falcon as it sailed on a beat up Raccoon Srait and went from a starboard to a port tack. This vid was shot afloat with my digital point and shoot, and had to be imaged stabilized in FCP, hence the weird stuff going on at the edges of the frame.

I’ve also included a shot of the Atlantide, one of Mr. Perkins boats used to transport guests to and from the Maltese Falcon.